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Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder



The Business Card Holder arose from my fascination with the capsule shape, which is seen everywhere from microorganisms to Roman tubs. I love its practicality (it's unusually good at containing things, whether nuclei or high pressure gas) as well as its gentleness. Unlike the circle, it is neither noncommittal nor amorphous. And unlike the square, it is neither sharp nor brazen.


But, in common with so many shapes, its character is pronounced by slicing it an angle. That slice, here, has yielded the perfect area onto which to place business-card-holding ridges. It also yields a perfect volume into which a drawer (for one's own business cards) can be inserted. 


The ivory filament used in this 3D print was too shiny for my taste, so I added a soft, napped texture to prominent faces. This effect works splendidly. 


In sum, a fine way to store -  or perhaps better put, showcase - about 150 business cards, alongside - thanks to the drawer - about 50 of one's own.


Complete product overview here.



    Base Dimensions

    Length: 19 cm (7.5 in)

    Width: 10 cm (4 in)

    Height: 11 cm (4 in)



    Biodegradable, corn-based PLA+


    To ensure this work of art arrives in pristine condition, a $10 packaging & shipping fee is assessed for US and Canada-based customers. I do not maintain an inventory; each order is custom made to your specification. 3D printing and manual post-processing of the product may require up to ten days. 

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