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TOMO's specialty is the design and production of fine physical products. I (Reggie Raye, Design Director) am expert in creating museum-quality goods that follow directly from the client's requirements and aspirations. Be it a lamp, a clock, or a trophy, my studio has the equipment and expertise to design it and deliver a statement piece. 


My clients include Harvard Business School, NASA, Caterpillar, and Microsoft. I also greatly enjoy one-on-one relationships with homeowners, interior designers, and entrepreneurs. 

Commissioned pieces

Areas of expertise
  • User testing

  • Design thinking

  • Brand language

  • Fine design

  • Fabrication

  • CAD design

  • Rendering + animation

  • Prototyping

  • 3D printing 

  • Metalwork

  • Fine woodworking

  • Electrical engineering

Commission Process


Ideation +



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