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Angel Hair Bowl

Angel Hair Bowl



Perfect for fruits, wallets, and assorted knick knacks, the Angel Hair Bowl consists of a single 3.2 mm thick line. It results from a space filling algorithm that spreads the line evenly throughout a bowl shape, but with a consistent amount of wiggle.


While it may seem quite solid at first glance, the bowl exhibits a fascinating gelatinous quality when poked. 


Complete product overview here.



    Length: 21 cm (8 in)

    Width: 21 cm (8 in)

    Height: 7 cm (3 in)



    Biodegradable, corn-based PLA+


    To ensure this work of art arrives in pristine condition, a $10 packaging & shipping fee is assessed for US and Canada-based customers. I do not maintain an inventory; each order is custom made to your specification. 3D printing and manual post-processing of the product may require up to ten days. 

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