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Pencil Holder


The Pencil Holder is the result of a delightful collaboration with rising talent Youie Cho. Its silhouette derives from a simple maneuver: overlaying two circles and extruding them. The magic, however, arises from what happens within. 


The outer container - crescent-shaped, lower-set - revolves around the center container - tall, monolithic. This movement by itself would be enough - how often, after all, do you see interlocking 3D prints that slide smoothly within each other? 


But we resolved to take this pencil holder to the next level by including a secret compartment. It's part homage to the secret compartment mania of the 1800s, part tribute to the possibilities of spaces-within-spaces. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 11.41.48 AM.png

This Secretary Cabinet (video 2:20 long and well worth the watch) has dozens of exquisitely disguised secret compartments

You may ask, isn't that a lot to claim of a humble pencil holder? Well, yes and no. One of TOMO's signatures is quality overengineering. And our medium, 3D printed plastic, lends itself to this sort of approach. The material will assume nearly any shape you wish. Moreover, it rewards perfectionism - there's no limit to the number of prototypes you can print and refinements you can make.


In short, there's no excuse for not attending to every detail.


The photo above (one third of our Desk Organizer set) shows some of the more visible results of this philosophy. The fuzz effect on the container walls aligns perfectly with the height of the companion tray. The feet, sporting a matching fuzz, snap-fit into the base. The scale and depth of the TOMO logotype are resolved. 

If I may be so bold, one will be hard pressed to find this level of craftsmanship in 3D printed work anywhere outside of a museum.

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