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Grip Strength Analyzer

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This grip strength analyzer is a fully functional tool for measuring the number of kilograms of force that can be exerted with one hand. It is accurate to within 2 kg. 

The analyzer was inspired by the desire to create a tool that does something useful, but without support material, assembly, or fancy equipment. The combined cost of the printer and filament was <$350.

Creating a robust spring - one which was not fragile on the one hand, or too flimsy on the other - was a significant challenge. Scores of prototypes were required to approximate optimal settings, such as those for the slicer, outer shells, infill, extrusion temperature, layer height, and spring parameters. We are glad to share these settings and processes with anyone looking to create their own spring-based mechanism. Grasshopper scripts and source files will likewise be provided free of charge, pending an email request below. 

A five second timer - the industry standard for grip strength test duration - will shortly be added to the tool, opposite the odometer-style force display. A complete account of the making of this device, along with future directions, is posted here:

Get a grip

Let us know if you want the print file, CAD file, grasshopper script - all free - 

or a complete 3D-print ($150)

Thanks for submitting!
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