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Apple-y Charging Station

This charging station features docks for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. A fourth dock can charge any device. Each works on its own, or you can mix and match docks to form a complete circle!

While this station is not endorsed by Apple, it's most certainly inspired by Apple products. The dock designs borrow from many of the lines found in the original iMac desktop computer.

Notable Features


Apple Styling

Many of the 3D printable Apple device charging stations out there bastardize the Apple style. While extreme minimalism has its place, we found inspiration in the abundant lines of the iMac and related '90s peripherals. 

Beyond satisfying the functional requirements of a charging station, our aim was to re-inject a sense of whimsy into the design, reframing charging as an act of poignance and delight. 

Easy In, Easy Out

Apart from the Apple Watch dock, we avoided wireless chargers and focused instead on the tried-and-true charging cord. That meant fully integrating the cord –exposing it artfully where needed, and keeping it hidden where the dock should take center stage. 

The cords seat firmly inside the docks, staying put when devices are inserted or removed. 

easy in.png
pump up_edited.jpg

Pump Up the Volume

This dock (which can accommodate non-Apple smartphones too) boasts a base with an amplifier. A longer tube with more flare may have upped the decibels, but it would have made the dock unacceptably large. 

As it is, this shape increases volume about 20%,  noticeably enriching lower frequencies, making it a great speaker for parties and picnics. 

User Testing

Without user testing, there's no guarantee that a product works as intended. That's why we solicited feedback from people young and old throughout the design process, updating elements large and small to ensure that each dock works seamlessly as soon as it comes off the printer.

user testing.png



Questions about the build? Licensing inquiries? Reach out!

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