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Box for Love Notes

Notable Features


When you think of 3D prints, you don’t usually think of softness. This Box for Love Notes is my attempt to change that, by creating a texture that calls out to be touched. It features two different textures: the lid’s, which comprises thousands of narrow boxes, and the wall’s, which results from tiny arcs.


I spent a lot of time fine-tuning the jitter applied to each box and arc. Too much jitter and the units overlap chaotically; too little and boring rows emerge.


Because of the visual complexity of the wall texture, I kept the overall form factor simple: gem-like trapezoids define the base and lid. The knob is a compressed ellipsoid (a shape that was big back in the Renaissance, and is overdue for a renaissance of its own). Finally, the feet are sleek, horn-like appendages, with just the right curviness to contrast with the rectilinear scheme above.

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