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The busts featured in these bookends come compliments of Scan the World, the world's premier archive of works of art in three dimensions. The first bookend comes from a scan of the bust of a peasant, housed in a private collection in Italy. The second is Queen Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten of the18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and possibly a Pharaoh in her own right. Her bust is a crown jewel of Berlin's Neues Museum.

Notable Features

Nefertiti 3D print

No-slide Base

As seen at left, long, thin tabs are included on the base. The tabs are recessed so as not to be visible when the bookend is in use. They help make each bookend nearly topple-proof, in spite of their comparatively narrow profile. 

Old + New

The youngest of these busts was sculpted at least 2,000 years ago. As their bases have been lost to the ages, we created replacements in styles resembling those of their respective eras; in the case of Nefertiti, a slab with gently sloping walls, and for the Roman peasant an arced surface of revolution. 

3D printed bookend
3D printed bookend


These bookends have superb surface quality, in spite of being printed on a sub-$300 machine. This comes thanks to a day-long print, which allowed for extensive custom-placed support material, ample external layers, and high density.  


Questions about the build? Licensing inquiries? Reach out!

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